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I am looking for a furnished room in a comfortable flatshare to rent for about 6 months.
I would like to have mixed gender housemates or female only housemates, but no male only housemates please! It would be more preferable if the housemates are in the age range of 19-35. I am tidy and clean, and would appreciate my housemates being the same way.
My preferred flatshare would be one that has WiFi, proper heating, a kitchen, a nice bathroom, maybe a living room or common area to sit and relax, and a washing machine. It would be better if the flatshare is closer to the city center, but anywhere close to a train station is okay. It would also be nice is the flatshare is located close to different activity areas such as parks, cafes, and supermarkets.

I am a good cook and hope to add some Tanzanian and African cuisine to the household, and would expect my flatmates to cook as well.
I am a good person to have around as I am very lively and cheerful with a social personality. I like sports and fitness, and like to go for regular walks. I am a singer and I also love dancing.
I hope to arrive in Berlin at the end of December, around the 27th, and stay up to June 2020.

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