I am looking for a room that fits me best

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Zimmer in WG in Berlin zur Miete
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300 € (inkl. NK)
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My name is Alysha, I turned 29 today, I hope I find my dream room to stay in. I come from a family of mixed cultures and traditions and I speak french as a first language. Currently I am learning German and hopefully, I get fluent in it soon.

I am a student at Met film school Berlin and I plan to complete my masters from the university. I am a very friendly person who is uncomplicated. I can cook cheap and pocket-friendly meals and at the same time keep the area clean.

I would love to know you two and learn from your cultures. It would make me really happy. We can even meet if you like.

Things I want to learn, I have never ridden a bike so that’s one, and I’ve never swum in a lake or ocean so that’s the second. I don’t like smoking so that’s a plus for both of us.

I hope you keep me in mind when you are choosing a housemate! Let me know if I can share any info.

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