Suche 4. Nov-7. Feb Zwischenmiete!

Gesucht wird :
Zimmer in WG in Frankfurt / Main zur Zwischenmiete
gesuchte Stadtteile:
Westend; Gallus; gutleutviertel; Nordenost; Sachenhausen 
maximaler Preis:
450 € (inkl. NK)
gesucht ab :
Zwischenmiete bis :


This is Hanqi. I’m a master student from HBFK Hamburg studying documentary film making. From 4th. Nov-7th feb, i’ll come to Frankfurt for the internship. The content of the YouTube channel is what i will work on.

I’ll prefer to have a furnished room and not too far( within 30min by train) from Bettinastraße, 20325 Frankfurt.

I’m really chill and communicative, tidy of course. Please contact me if you have a room available during these months.

Thanks a lot!

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