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This is Mehmet, from Istanbul, Turkey.

I have finished my bachelor on Political Science and I am about to be 25 in November. I speak English fluently and I can speak French and Spanish as well, besides of Turkish. I am going to do masters in Freie Universitat Berlin on Sociology starting from October 2019, but I have already moved in to Schlatchensee for extensive German classes (hopefully gonna be speaking some german in 2 months)

However, I do make my living from music. Earlier, I used to work as artist guide for 3 years in almost all festivals in Istanbul and then the glorious world of production and sound took me in. Since 3 years I work as a production assistant and a sound engineer (mostly working with famous jazz musicians in istanbul - as much as a local jazz artist can be,sadly). I intend to continue my sound engineering career here in Berlin, through connections from hometown and some new folks that I am looking forward to meet in Berlin.

I am living in WG with some friends since 2013, so I am quite experienced about the mutual respect and the relationship means to establish in a WG living. I am very easy going person, with no problems with sound and light or a party in an apartment. I, myself, am actually quite sociable and the reason of break up with my first WG was the case of "closed-doors" all the time.. I do prefer to use common space and chat about daily life, along with deep conversations. I am totally respectful to others' boundaries, but even though everyone else is in their rooms, I will be mostly chilling in common area until I go to bed. (Of course if we have any :)) I am usually clean tidy and respectful regarding the common spaces such as kitchen; and I would love to see those places without flies flying around from the mess.. Of course shouldn't mean that you should wash the mid night snack's dish at 2 am if you don't feel like to!

I am not a person that throws parties often in his own apartment, but I would appreciate any sort of event that we could do in the flat, movie nights, friends coming over, all is totally fine with me. I am totally in to make the night louder and funnier, as long as the WG members are all agreed upon that, of course. I won't bring the party, but I also won't be the one to ask you cut it off! :)

I am really passionate about music. I do collect vinyls and I do listen music quite all the time! (fav genre is Jazz, and if you think it is snobby, ask me again haha) I would love to talk about music, listen music together and produce music if we ever manage to do so haha :) (I am planning to continue learning piano in Berlin) Besides that, I love spending my time outside, having long walks in the streets and going out for night occasionally. I am totally fine if we have separate tastes from life, but I would never say no to have a company from my flat :) In my long holidays, I enjoy going to Nature, wild camping, backpacking and some adventure (like hitchhiking).

I am looking for a place to call home, not a temporary space for couple of months. I am going to stay in Berlin at least for 2 years -until the end of my masters in summer 2021 (with the hope of making it longer), and I do love spreading love and cozy feelings to my living space! I do love decorating my living spaces, and make those tiny touchés around!

Sorry if the message is quite long, I just wanted to make it all clear for you!

For further stalking ;)
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0nstagram ;

I am in Berlin now and I am always up for a coffee (or preferably an afternoon beer) if you want to get to know me before you decide..
with love!

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