Searching for a flat-share for just one semester, or less.

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My name is Hazlet, and I'm 3rd year information engineering student in Hamburg. I got an internship at a company in Augsburg, so that's why I'm looking for a place there. My internship is going to be 5 months long, starting in October and ending in the last week of February, so that's how long I plan to stay in Augsburg. Whatever's up for offer, I'm willing to take: so long as it's affordable. Also, I'm willing to do a room exchange with anyone who's looking to move to Hamburg.

I'm an international student from Kenya, and since all the courses in my program are in English, I haven't had a chance to really practise my German, but I can speak enough to make a fool of myself. I'm hoping to really improve my German once I move to a new city and meet new people. I must admit that my primary motivation to learn German is to one day be able to watch Stromberg in it's original form: I'm a big fan of The Office.

I enjoy listening to music but I couldn't sing even if my life depended on it. It's ok though..It keeps me humble. I cook sometimes, but not so much that it becomes a problem. I clean up after myself, and I'm really easy to talk to...especially over a beer or two.

Really looking forward to hearing from you.

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