Shared flat

Gesucht wird :
Zimmer in WG in Köln zur Miete
gesuchte Stadtteile:
Deutz, Kalk, Zollstock, Sudstat, Sulz 
maximaler Preis:
450 € (inkl. NK)
gesucht ab :


I'm looking for rent a room or shared flat, better if is near to TH Köln. My budget is maximum 450€. I hope to arrive in Germany by the firsts days of September and rent at least for 1 semester.
I'm Colombian, am 28 and am a quiet, organized and polite person, but funny and relax. My purpose is to study a Master programme in TH Köln.
Right now, I'm in Colombia, so if you consider ok, we can arrange a meeting via Skype or Whatsapp.

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