Master student from Mexico looking for a room!

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Hallo! Ich bin Jerónimo Carvajal, ich bin 27 jahre alt, ichi bin mexikaner und ich wohne aus Mexiko Stadt. Entschuldigung aber mein Deutsch ist immer noch nicht sehr gut, deshalb hoffe ich, dass es Ihnen nichts ausmacht, dass ich das Folgende auf Englisch schreibe.

I recently got a scholarship to study a Master in Mathematics at TUM, currently I am in Mexico City, I plan to arrive at Munich in september 25th and I am interested in renting the room for at least 6 months.

I am a very responsible and passionate person, I’ve been working as a data scientist for the last 3 years in one of the top analytics companies in Mexico City, called OPI Analytics. The main focus of my stay in Munich is to study and learn, but I am a really social person. I really like getting to know people, going out dancing and sports in general, but an afternoon of just chilling at home is always welcome. I know how it is to live with more people and I’ve also lived by myself so I am used to adapt to the house rules.

I would be happy to talk the rest of the details or if any further information is needed.

Thank you!

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