Looking for shared accommodation in Heidelberg, around DKFZ

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Zimmer in WG in Heidelberg zur Miete
gesuchte Stadtteile:
Neuenheim, Bergheim, Weststadt 
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600 € (inkl. NK)
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My name is Gayatri and I am from India. I will be moving to Heidelberg by end of June, to pursue my PhD at DKFZ. I am looking for a shared accommodation in Heidelberg, around DKFZ, for long term stay. I am 29 years old, outgoing and sociable. I am also pet-friendly and don't have any specific requirements from the prospective roommate. I usually like spending tie at home after a long day of work, make some coffee and listen to music. Over the weekends, I like travelling and going out. I also like to work out regularly, but preferably outdoors. I will be coming to Heidelberg with only my luggage. Please send out an email if you have anything relevant.

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