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Hi there !

My name is Rodrigo Iszczyk, I’m a 25 years old - Argentinian engineering student, currently living in France since almost one year! I really like the intercultural exchange and I always want to meet new people from different parts of the world, and that’s actually the reason why I took up the exchange program that brought me here to Europe.

For the program of my French University I have to do a 3-month internship abroad, and I chose Bremen because of its cultural openness as some friends highly recommended me the city, so I want to discover all of what Bremen has to offer!

As well, as you may have noticed this letter is not being written in German as I have just started learning it. So, even though I’m really willing to improve and practice my German, I wanted to make sure that I could communicate with you guys in English (Spanish or French is ok as well)!

Regarding the dates of my internship, it will be held from 03/06/2019 to 31/08/2019, so I am looking for a shared flat for those dates!

In addition, as I will be going for 3 months and I won’t be carrying my own stuff, the room I am seeking for should be furnished (bed, desk, etc.).

Thank you very much, and looking forward to your contact!

Rodrigo Iszczyk.

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