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I saw your advertise about the room and I'm interesting about it regarding your desc<x>ription.
My name is Carlos, I'm 40 years old, I have just arrived to Germany 3 weeks ago, I'll be in Germany for work, as I'm working in the field of finance and accounting and I'll be in Germany as a job seeker in these fields. Therefore, I am looking for a nice and relaxed place to live (shared room or flat).
I'm here in Germany by a job seeking visa and that's mean that I have my bank blocked account which I can withdraw from it my monthly living costs, So that the matter of financing my living costs is not a problem for me till I get the suitable job. In the same time I'm searching for a job as this is the main reason for my staying in Germany.
As an adult person, I respect and value the privacy of everybody, I'm a quiet person and I don't like to make noises. I'm not fluent speaker in the German language but I obtained the certificate of the B1 level in the German language, that plus my fluent English and Arabic languages. Therefore, I would like to live and communicate with a lot of the German people to can keep my German language better. And I like the cultural exchange with many people from all over the world.
In my spare time I could meet my friends, watching T.V, going out, go fishing and spend a nice time with my flatmates.

Just get in touch and we would like to get to know each other personally.
I would be happy to hear from you.

Thanks in advance

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