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My name is Jesse and I will be studying History and German at FU this upcoming fall. In order to have a full Berliner Experience (and because I like adventure), I am hoping to find a WG during my studies from August until December. I am 21 years old and study at a university in Atlanta in the US. Do not let my age or the stereotype of an American university student deceive you. I am mature and have been traveling, living, and exploring new places for the past three years. I spent time teaching in a small desert town in Israel for several months and last summer I did a history research project in Vienna. There I realized that I wanted to learn German, and I decided Berlin would be my next adventure!

Outside of my love of adventures and new experiences, I love rap and rock music, Game of Thrones, hiking, and reading. I also love to cook and bake! Whenever I get stressful, I bake so if there are cookies around, my studies are probably difficult :). I also like to keep a clean apartment, and so I am good/easy roommate. I am a good combination of socially competent and fun, but also respectful and quiet. I like to enjoy my time, socialize, and party like any 21 year old, but also never let my social life get in the way of my studies. Since I don't know anyone in Berlin (again, I like it that way because its more of an adventure!), I am totally opening to being in a more communal WG, but also if you both just want me to mind my own business and pay the rent, I have no problem with that either.

Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch, aber ich möchte mein Deutsch verbessern, wenn ich in Berlin ankomme. Ich werde diesen Sommer in Wien leben, um mein Deutsch zu verbessern. Als ich also in Berlin bin, wird mein Deutsch hoffentlich gut sein!

I am still in Atlanta, but feel free to contact me at steinman.jesse@gmail.com if you're interested in hearing more about me! I will be in Vienna during the summer, and will only get to Berlin towards the end of July, but I would be happy to meet if you were interested.


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