French Student looking for a flat near the U6

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Zimmer in WG in München zur Zwischenmiete
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My name is Louis, I am a French student present in Munich for a 5 month internship, between Mars and July at the Max Planck institute. I don't speak German very well, but I hope to make progress very soon, If possible I would like to be near a U6 station, but it is not mandatory, I l’île to Walker too . II am usually a bit carefree and compliant, so I don't really mind if the room is small or if I have to share a kitchen or a bathroom
About me: I studied German in High school and I was very bad, I hope this stay in Germany will be a good opportunity to get better I study physics since 4 years. I am kind of calm and compliant with others, I don’t try to argue if I am not sure. (But if I am sure, I can argue for a sadly long time)

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