Airbus intern for 6 months, searching for a wg!

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Zimmer in WG in München zur Zwischenmiete
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Hello guys,

I'm a 22 years old french student, and I'm about to start an internship at Airbus in Ottobrunn from February to July 2019.
I'm searching for a room in a shared flat that I would be happy to share with other students or trainees like me, from any backgrounds possible.

I'm searching for something starting early February, but I also can adapt myself if it has to be a bit later.

I've already have the chance to live throughout the past 2 years with people from all over the world, as I made an Erasmus in Greece, and an exchange semester in China and the USA. So I have been used to live with other people from different countries and backgrounds. I'm always keen to meet new people, share times with my flat mates in the apartment or do various kinds of activities.

I'm a kind, and comprehensive person. I don't have any difficulty to live with other people. In fact, that's what I enjoy the most. I like to travel, go out, or sharing more chill times with my friends.

If you have anything to offer that could suit this desc<x>ription, I would be more than happy to discuss it with you.

Thank you very much

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