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Hallo Frau Dôrte!

Habt ihr noch ein Platz für ein super mega toller Kanadier? Ich suche etwas vom 5 April bis zum ende August.

Hier ist meine Beschreibung :)

My name is Jonathan, I am half Canadian (French-Canadian father), half Czech (mother) and I am 22 years old (already??). Fortunately for me, I have learned both their languages, and being raised in Gatineau, Québec, Canada (right next to Ottawa), I quickly learned English as well. I also did a year-long exchange in Hamburg in 2013-2014, which gave me the occasion to learn German. At school, I took some Spanish and Russian lessons too. Next in line: Italian!!! (or maybe also Danish... and Dutch... we'll see).

I am an architecture student (doing the second half of my third year in Berlin) and simply LOVE architecture. I will actually become the 4th generation of architects in my Czech family. I know my vocation since I was about 3 years old. But I must say, if I had another life to live, I would be a pastry maker (pâtissier) or fashion designer. For me, creativity is the recipe to happiness. I have designed a few houses and I am actually designing schools at an architectural office here in Ottawa. It is great fun!

I love many many sports, such as cross-country skiing, downhill skying, ice-hockey, unicycle, running hurdles, kung fu and judo, swimming, biking... but above all, climbing!!! I love classical music (from Gregorian to baroque, classic, romantic and post-romantic...), indie, neo-classical-avant-garde, German rap and sometimes techno (if I am in the mood). I play a bit of piano and ukulele, a little bit of guitar and above all, I sing. I have been singing and also cantoring at the Ottawa Cathedral for about 15 years now. My brother and I also did some busking in the streets of Ottawa (and Munich once hehe), playing stuff like I'm yours from Jason Mraz, Riptide from Vance Joy, etc. I also like to go out to see concerts!

I also love to read, to visit new places, and meet new people. I like particularly Russian tsarist literature and history books. I quite like beers and scotches, always in reasonable quantity of course. I like going out in a bar, but quite hate loud clubs. I would much prefer going in a museum with friends than to go for a drink, let's put it that way. I like to cook, but mostly to bake and prepare deserts (such as chocolate mousse!!). I also like to draw (my mother, being a professional illustrator, taught me quite well) and play chess (but I am not nearly as good as I would like...). I like quality and good design.

Bis Gleich!


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