Looking for nice, fun and active place to live?

300 €

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Vermietung :
Miete frei vom 17.03.2019
Wohnfläche :
15 m² Zimmer in WG
Wohngemeinschaft :
8er WG: 3 und 3 suchen 8 oder


Küche, Backofen, Herd, Kühlschrank
WC, Badewanne, Dusche
Waschmaschine vorhanden
Parkett, Laminat
Warmwasser aus Zentralheizung
DSL Internet
Haustiere erlaubt


Looking for nice, fun and active place to live?

We are an active community placed in Berlin and we are open to receive new people! For a very low price, 300€/month ALL INCLUDED, we offer food (you don't have to pay more for the food) + accommodation + activities of the community + and the common bills (water, electricity, internet, etc).

Among our activities we offer music, philosophy, humanitarian actions, sports, martial arts, languages and many others, just come and discover! You can always come an try to evolve in our activities. We like to be with other motivated, fun, active people!

We try something new to allow the people who come to be happy and comfortable in our house with a very low price, as we spoke about 300€ a month all inclusive. This means unlimited food and free access to any activity that we practice together, as long as on your side you try to offer as well (teach a language, teach music, help or guide on anything you can do). Here in this house everybody is a teacher and a student. It goes without saying that t be part of our house you have to be committed and take part in small activities like getting food, humanitarian actions, conferences, advertisement, sometimes little jobs to help in the house. 

The rules in our community are the following: no meat, no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs and no violence.

We have also created a system to make sure that everyone is respected in the house and to keep the good atmosphere among everyone. 

Contact, set an appointment, visit us, discover and, if you like it, we can see together how we go on!

We also have a privileged remunerated position of being the personal guide of our blind President. Due to prompt unexpected departure of his guide, this special position of the guide is to be filled urgently. The person who takes this position does not have to pay the accommodation and food if living in the house (please see details below).
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Here you can find the details about this position:

Blind Shaolin Master travelling in the world for humanitarian actions is looking for guides to accompany him during his trips.
Every mission is different. It can be close or far away in the world. It can be physical, psychological, intellectual, and every gender, age, style of guide is welcome.
We are recruiting a dozen of guides and for each mission (that can be 2, 3 days, or weeks, or months) we the most adapted candidate.
Once you are part of the team of guides you get informed about any upcoming missions.
If you are very motivated, we offer you the possibility to get a long term contract for many consecutive missions.

-the amount of work is around 4 hours a day.
-you have a complete commitment from the beginning to the end of the mission
-you are impeccable and nice with the blind person, honest and educated.
-no professional experience or diploma is required. Be resourceful and witty.
-during the mission: no smoking, no drugs, no alcohol, no meat

Absolutely everything is paid ( tickets, food and accommodation) + 15 euros pocket money a day. For a mission of one month or more it is 500€/month. Possibility of 100€ extra money when your commitment has been very cool in a mission.

The return ticket to your place plus intermediate tickets are paid to the last euro at the end of the journey. If you don’t come or if you leave before the end of the mission, or if you get fired (for serious misconduct) the tickets are at your charge.
In addition, during the mission the Shaolin monk is at your entire disposal to teach you for free everything you want to learn (languages, tai chi, martial arts, music…)

As we got a lot of fake promises, to get the contract for the mission you want to join you have to show the copy of your travel ticket. And you receive a written statement that the ticket will be refunded at the end of the trip.

Additional offer
If you are part of our community the proposal is exactly the same and during the time of the mission you don’t pay your participation for food and accommodation in the house.

Next missions
-Urgent but very simple: 4-5 days in an AirBnB around Berlin for relaxation.
-Last minute flight 5-6 days, destination still unknown.
-Other destinations: Italy, France, Scotland, Ireland, Thailand, Morocco, Poland, Czech Republic, Japan (Okinawa), etc. or any interesting idea that you might propose.

To apply and get invited to a meeting for selection for this position, please send us your CV and motivation letter, including your availability.
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